“As a single “mother” I am so grateful to Kathy and her team for helping me raise Sebastian.  They take such good care of him when I can’t be there to take him for his walks and feedings.  It is such a relief to know that he is in good hands.  Additionally, Kathy is one of the most organized, responsible and caring dog walkers I have ever had the privilege to hire.  I can ALWAYS count on her and her team!
– Janey Perle

My schedule is constantly changing, and Kathy has been nothing short of a life saver for me, my girlfriend and Marley. Not only does she remain flexible, but she does so in an incredibly professional manner. It is seldom that people are able to conduct themselves so strongly professionally while maintaining such a strong personal relationship, but Kathy manages to do so with every pet, as well as every owner. She has not only eased my worries about putting our pet in the care of another, but has given me the opportunity to further my career without it being at Marleys’ expense. I would recommend her to anyone even slightly considering her services!

I highly recommend Kathy’s Dog Walking Service. Kathy is the first dog walker I’ve ever trusted to care for my dog Kaya. I work very long hours and I’ve noticed such a difference in Kaya now that she gets regular afternoon walks. Kathy and her employees are warm, friendly and knowledgeable and they’re great with my dog. I greatly appreciate the reports Kathy leaves after every walk, so I know what happens while I’m away. After a long search for a dog walker, I’m very happy to have found Kathy and her crew!
Kathy’s Dog Walking Service is amazing!! They are an extremely friendly staff that Emmy and I love! I depend on Kathy and her team with my time consuming sales job and they are extremely responsive if I need to add a visit to Emmy’s schedule. I always know Emmy is in great hands and is having a blast with their visits.
– Chrissy and Emmy Refior

I feel so lucky to have found Kathy’s Dog Walking Service. Kathy is a true professional. I’m a person who commutes far and works a lot of hours. It is so nice to know they are coming in to walk and play with Bernie. They all love animals and I never have to worry. Bonus – they text me with his “duties” so I know when and what he did while I was away.

I first met Kathy when I moved to South Bay last year. I relocated to LA with my job and my first concern was finding someone reliable and trustworthy to take care of my dog, Charlie. My job often requires me to travel and work odd and/or long hours. I could not have made my life work without Kathy. Kathy is not only reliable, but also incredibly flexible and has always exceeded my expectations in caring for Charlie.

My dog Huey has been walking with Kathy and crew for almost two years. I am a little jealous of them because my dog is out of control with excitement when they come to our door to get him for a walk! Kathy’s service is always reliable, friendly and very professional!! They are the best dog walkers around!!!
– Lorri (Huey’s Mom)

Hi, my name is Huey. I am a little rescue dog that has been walking with Kathy and her crew for almost two years! When I started walking with them I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I soon discovered that when one of them showed up at my door, it meant I would have an hour of fun with my buddies. I especially like puppies because they have lots of energy and are small like me. Having said that, I usually have a hard time finding a dog I don’t like. (But don’t get me started on cats!) I can’t tell you how much I love Kathy and her crew. They are so fun and take me to the best places in town!
– Huey (aka Hudog)

I’ve been using Kathy’s dog walking for about a year now and they have been a dream come true. Kathy is SO responsive, as is all of her staff, and they’re very accommodating with my crazy work schedule. Our walker is Lori, and she’s a true dog lover to the core. I’m sure she has a blas walking our puppy Kate, and vice versa 🙂 She also leaves nice notes every day about where she took Kate, and anything interesting that happened. I’d highly recommend Kathy’s dog walking to anyone looking for a high quality, trustworthy service that can accommodate a complicated schedule!

Kathy’s dog walking service is a gift from heaven. Kathy’s has walked, boarded and cared for our dog since the first week we brought him home. We had tried another local service for the first few days, but were not comfortable with them. We called a local pet store and they said, “Call Kathy Nelson!”

The best decision we ever made when it comes to our dog’s care was to call Kathy!

Her level of care is second to none. Her prices are dead on with what the going rate is, but the level of service and care is worth a lot more than what she charges.

We use Kathy’s Dog Walking service at least three times a week. I have referred 4 other dogs to her and they are now weekly client’s as well. We have also used her boarding services and taxi to the vet.

You and your pet are in good hands with Kathy.

Daisy M.
Kathy’s Dog Walking Service is by far the most professional and impressive dog walking service in Los Angeles. It’s not easy trusting others to take care of your animals and from the time we met Kathy and met her staff, we knew this company would be a great fit for us. The staff is dependable, caring and it’s obvious that our dog is in love with our walker (Shannon – she’s the best!). We researched several dog walking services and no other company even comes close to the level of professionalism, reliability and level of customer service. It’s obvious that these people love dogs and their commitment to caring for our furry friends is so strong, that I can’t imagine asking anyone else to walk my dog. I trust them 100% and would strongly recommend Kathy’s Dog Walking Service to anyone.

6/20/2011 testimonial:
I have used Kathy’s Dog Walking Service for several years now and they are excellent.  Kathy came and met me and my dog before I started with them so I could get a vibe from her and ask as many questions as I wanted.  It was a great meeting and I’ve used her ever since.  My dog is about 6lbs and has had a few issues with arthritis, but they are really good about taking extra care with him when he has flare ups.  I’ve been home a few times when his walker comes over and he is so excited to see her so I know he is well taken care of.  I also love that they give you a little notebook to leave notes about how the walk went and if they noticed anything usual.  I have recommended their service to my friends and will continue to do so!

2/16/2010 testimonial:
I have nothing but great things to say about Kathy’s Dog Walking Service!  When I wanted to sign up initially, I met with Kathy and instantly had a good feeling about her.  My dog adored her and she has great systems in place to let you know how the walks go so that you are informed of any issues.  They are always on time and reliable so I don’t have to worry on nights when I have to stay late at work.  My dog has a bit of leash aggression and I was really concerned about him being in a dog park or around other dogs, but Kathy went with me and showed me how to be with him so there weren’t any problems.  She also went with me on Labor Day down to the Strand for more interaction for my dog. (while she was 9 months pregnant!)  It really helped me to know how to get him to calm down and just enjoy other dogs.  I have already recommended her to friends and will continue to do so.  Her walkers are awesome and my dog usually goes on walks with other dogs and he has no problems being a good little pack member so thank you Kathy!

Kathy’s dog walking service has literally been a life saver for me since I moved to Manhattan Beach from NYC with an energetic Golden and a new baby!!  I trust them completely for both daily dog walking and in home overnights for several days caring for our dog and cat.  When I have needed them most (with a husband who travels and a new baby) Kathy’s has been there for me!!! COULD NOT RECOMMEND MORE!  they are the best in town – for all of the south bay for that matter.  They are 100% professional, Kathy runs a great business (you can tell she’s a professional, and takes this very seriously, you will never find a more professional dog walking business.

Kathy’s Dog Walking Service has been a lifesaver for my husband and me.  I work long hours and feel so much better knowing our dog is able to get outside a couple times a day for walks.  We have also been lucky enough to use the boarding service.  They pick him up and drop him off at home, which is so nice when you’re traveling and rushing to and from the airport!  I would highly recommend Kathy’s!

Doder and Oliver
I’m sure I’m like all the other “Kathy’s” users.  We all love her service.  All of the walkers we’ve had are amazing, love our dogs and take very good care of them.  They respond so quickly and do everything in their power to accommodate our every changing schedule.  Several times we have had to reschedule without a lot of notice and they are so good at rolling with the punches.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their animals and really cares about who takes care of them in your absence.  I can’t say enough great things about Kathy and all of her staff.

I have been using Kathy’s Dog Walking Service for over a year and they have been beyond reliable!  My sweet labrador Savannah is 13 years old and she has unfortunately suffered many health challenges this year.  Kathy’s Dog Walkers have been genuinely concerned for her well being and have gone above and beyond to ensure she is taken care of.  I have had my girl for 8 years now and she is the happiness of my every day.  My career requires longer hours so the comfort and security I get from knowing Savannah is cared for while I am gone is priceless.

Kathy’s Dog Walking Service is the best! Everyone I have encountered is professional and trustworthy. I am always updated on charges, scheduled walks, and get a note each day from our fabulous walkers. The communication is outstanding and the care that is displayed for animals is unmistakable. We love Vanessa- well worth the money, as we know our dog is well taken care of each day. I advise anyone in the area who is in search to call Kathy’s.

From a local dog trainer
Kathy and her crew are excellent!  You can count on them to be there when you need them.  I like that they are insured, bonded and background-checked so you can be comfortable when they enter your house.  And best of all, they love dogs and actually have been trained how to walk dogs safely and humanely.   I refer my friends to them all of the time!

Kathy and her team have been walking my dog Blanche for years.  I trust her, which is the highest compliment I can give someone I leave my dog in the care of.  She truly cares about the dogs.

We have been very pleased with Kathy’s Dog Walking Service.  We have a Great Dane.  Shannon does a great job controlling such a large dog.  He runs to the back door when he hears her coming, and can’t stand still long enough for her to put his leash on.  Kathy is very flexible with scheduling.  If we need to change an appointment for any reason, she is very accommodating.  The billing process is also super simple and they email receipts when appointments are scheduled.  Buying a bundle of walks is the way to go!

Kathy and her team is awesome!  I’ve been using her for over a year now, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.  She’s flexible – I’ve asked her to come at all hours of the day between noon and 4PM; she’s accomdating – there’s been numerous occasions that I’ve called her the day before to walk my buddy; she’s professional – she has never missed an appointment.  Ever.

She sends me a text after the walk so I know exactly when the walk occured.  And she writes a daily log of everthing that happened on the walk – who my dog walked with, whether he peed, pooed, etc.  But the best part?  She accomadates my ridiculous request of wiping my dogs paws after each walk (I’ve got carpet that I’m trying to keep clean).

James O
Since moving here from the east coast a couple of years ago Kathy and her staff have taken great care of my dog whenever I need walks or more importantly when I go away. From the moment Kathy and her walker came for that first meeting I knew that my dog was in great hands. You can see straight away that the staff is doing what they love to do and it shows in how they treat my girl. Everyone is very loving with my dog and unbelievably attentive and helpful with my last minute requests at times. I will not trust anyone else to take care of my girl.